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PVCu Conservatories UK - for tips and advice on buying pvc-u conservatories. Get the best deal on a new pvc-u conservatory.

Why PVCU Conservatories? (also known as uPVC, PVC, PVC-U)

pvcu conservatoryPVCU is an excellent, highly insulate material, which benefits from little or no external maintenance. It is readily available and well tested and is usually the lowest cost option for conservatories today. It is mainly seen in white but also available in Mahogany and Oak wood grain styles. 

PVC-U is no 'ordinary' plastic:

The letters 'PVC' stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a chemical compound of chlorine, carbon and hydrogen.

The components of PVC originate from the naturally occurring raw materials of petroleum, or natural gas and common salt. The 'u' stands for unplasticised, (sometimes called unmodified), and it means that the material has not been softened by the addition of chemicals known as plasticisers.

As for any environmental issues, PVC-U is 100% recyclable.

Just look at a few of the benefits:

Conservatories constructed from PVC-U provides:

Clean lines and good looks PVCu conservatories
Materials designed to last
Low maintenance
No degeneration of wood
High insulation and strength properties
All year round enjoyment
Elegant variety of styles
Initial cost and long term economy

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Special Note: The terms PVCu, uPVC, PVC-U, and PVCU all essentially refer to the same product. We use all of these terms as most companies still use a "mixture" of these when describing their Low Maintenance or Maintenance Free Building Products. For the record the current "industry standard" term to describe these products is PVC-U.

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